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2018 Conference  

    Saturday 23 June 2018, Skycity , Auckland

    Join us at Coeliac NZ's 44th annual conference.

    This is an opportunity to connect with other health and nutrition professionals, doctors, dietitians and more. Hear about the latest research and studies on Coeliac Disease. 

    We have confirmed an exciting line up of speakers that you won't want to miss!  

    About our speakers

    Dr Simon Chin is a consultant paediatric gastroenterologist at Starship Children’s Hospital, with clinical interests in coeliac disease (CD) and inflammatory bowel disease.  He is a member of the Coeliac NZ Medical Advisory Group, and worked alongside CNZ to develop a new clinical pathway for diagnosing CD in children.  He worked on the development of an electronic algorithm to help GPs follow a pathway from seeing a child suspected coeliac disease, interpretation of coeliac blood tests and electronic referral to Starship for small bowel biopsy, with follow up dietician and 1 year free CNZ membership (administered by ADHB for newly diagnosed patients).


    Dr Kirsten Coppell is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Medicine, University of Otago, and the NZ College of Public Health Medicine Training Programme Supervisor for the southern region. The aim of Kirsten's present study was to describe the health and dietary treatment of people with coeliac disease in New Zealand. The NZ coeliac Health Survey was a cross-sectional study in collaboration with CNZ whose membership was the study population. Although coeliac disease is a common condition in New Zealand, ongoing symptoms among patients suggest that dietary management is inadequate. Knowledge of a gluten-free diet and its implementation among dietitians, and the preparation of commercial and restaurant gluten-free foods could be improved.


    Dr Helen Evans is Head of Department for Paediatric Gastroenterology at Starship as well as Service Clinical Director for Paediatric Medical Specialities and Co-Clinical Director of the National Intestinal Failure Service. Helen’s interests lie in liver disease, transplantation, intestinal failure and coeliac disease. She leads a number of quality improvement projects one of which led her team to a Health Excellence Award in 2015 for improving the care of children with CD in Auckland. Helen also serves on the New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology and a sub-committee of PHARMAC. She has an academic appointment to the University of Auckland where she partakes in teaching and research.

    Dr Kristin Kenrick is a GP, Senior Lecturer, and researcher on Coeliac Disease in the Department of General Practise and Rural Health, Dunedin School of Medicine, Otago University. Kristin will present the latest evidence relating to the recognition and management of coeliac disease in adults, along with findings from her PhD research, in which she has been investigating this topic with respect to current practice in New Zealand.  A key component of this project was a survey of NZ GPs.

    Anna Richards has worked in private practise with both adults and children for over 20 years.  Her primary focus is Coeliac disease, gastroenterology, allergy and adverse food reactions at all life stages, in conjunction with her general practise.  Anna is on the Medical Panels of both Coeliac New Zealand and Allergy New Zealand.  She lectures at Auckland University and at Massey University Symposiums.  She is currently co-authoring the ASCIA-DAA Professional Certificate in Medical Nutrition Therapy in Food Allergy and Intolerance.  Her clinical focus, significant experience and a daughter with coeliac disease gives her a unique perspective. 


    Dr Jason Tye-Din is a Gastroenterologist who combines clinical care of patients with research. He heads the Coeliac Disease Research Lab at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, and runs a coeliac clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He is undertaking studies to understand the immune and genetic basis for coeliac disease in order to develop better diagnostic tests and treatments. Jason chairs the Medical Advisory Committee of Coeliac Australia. His key areas of interest are Characterising CD4+ T cell and antibody responses to gluten; understanding the relationship between gluten-induced symptoms and immune, serologic, histologic and metabolic readouts; employing genomic approaches for coeliac disease risk stratification.

  • Conference Schedule:

    Presenter Time Start Ending
     Start time 9.15 am      
     Open Conference Kath Fouhy 10 mins 9.20 am 9.30 am
     Anna Richards 45 mins 9.30 am 10.15 am
     Dr. Jason Tye-Din 45 mins 10.15 am 11.00 am
     Morning Tea 15 mins 11.00 am 11:15 am
    Dr. Helen Evans 30 mins 11.15 am 11.45 am
     Dr. Simon Chin 30 mins 11.45 am 12.15 pm
     Dr. Kristen Kenrick 20 min 12.15 pm 12:35 pm
     Dr. Kirsten Coppell 20 min 12.35 pm 12:55 pm
    Conference closure and refreshments      

    Tickets are $50 and include: 

  • Entry to the health professionals plenary session - to hear from a range of professionals specialising in Coeliac Disease


  • Morning tea and buffet refreshments (GF)


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