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Volunteer Story - Julienne Law Northland

Julienne Law - Northland

I am a very experienced New Zealand and International teacher. When I returned from teaching at TISA international school in Baku, Azerbaijan, I thought I had picked up some parasites but was diagnosed with coeliac disease and told that I had been born with the disease which explained some very disruptive problems over the years .

My family were very sceptical until my sister was also diagnosed. Health professionals in the past have treated me as an incurable neurotic.

The late doctor Jerry Chunn of Parnell successfully treated me for multiple food, inhalant and chemical intolerances in the seventies and I was able to return to teaching with enough energy left over for tennis, badminton, skiing, tramping, travelling etc. Wheat was the first vaccine identified and neutralized for me as part of PN or provocative neutralization. I still have questions about whether it kept coeliac at bay.

One of the first things I was told at the Allergy Clinic Parnell was that as a teacher, I would be very interested in the work being done. It changed my life. Over the last 40 Years I have helped children with mood, health, behaviour and learning problems using a diet/behaviour approach. The American school board in Saudi Arabia sent me to international educational conferences to help other teachers.

In Kerikeri, I have a dedicated team working to promote additive free school trials, distribute 'Brain Food for Better Learning' a parent nutrition brochure and film whole food approach at the Kerikeri Kindergarten.

These days I encourage parents to go to GPs for a coeliac blood test as well as a 5 day/forever additive free trial.