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Individual Membership Benefits

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CNZ Membership is open to all those:

  • diagnosed with coeliac disease
  • diagnosed with dermatitis herpetiformis
  • who are following a gluten free diet for other health reasons
  • who support a person with coeliac disease
  • health professionals (Free for Public Sector)
  • food industry professionals
  • who have an interest in coeliac disease and/or a gluten-free diet

Benefits of becoming a CNZ Member:

  • New Members Pack see below
  • Coeliac Link subscription: a subscription to our flagship full colour bi-annual magazine
  • Annual CNZ Calendar
  • Monthly E-newsletters
  • Support via our helpline and regional support groups
  • Access to our 'Members Only' section on the website which includes a members only forum, gluten free recipes and back issues of the Coeliac Link magazine
  • Access to our library we have many books on coeliac disease and gluten free cook books that can be borrowed only by members
  • Discounts and special offers on products
  • Ability to enter our competitions and giveaways on Facebook
  • Travel advice on travelling in other countries including common phrases, translation cards in a number of languages to help explain your gluten free diet when eating out
  • Kids Club events for children which are organised in many regions by our Kids Club Coordinators
  • The ability to purchase specialty books at a discount including: Ingredient List booklet: identifies whether ingredients are suitable for inclusion on a gluten free diet or not, and Reading Food Labels booklet: a simple and easy to use guide to label reading.


New members pack containing:

  • Members Handbook: information on coeliac disease, the gluten free diet, where to shop, recipes and helpful advice to make the transformation to gluten free living as easy as possible
  • A copy of our Ingredient List booklet and Reading Food Labels booklet
  • Brochures on what is coeliac disease, tips after being diagnosed and online resources.
  • Copies of our 'I have coeliac disease' card: a handy business sized card to help explain your gluten free diet when eating out
  • Back copies of Coeliac Link magazine
  • Child members also receive a Nutritional Guide for Children with Coeliac Disease, Advice for Childcare Providers and Schools, a Kids Activity Booklets full of fun and educational activities for children to learn about how to live a happy gluten free life. 
  • Gluten free product samples (when available)