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GF for Life Appeal

Together we are gluten free for life

Help COELIAC NZ ensure our organisation will always be there for those in need - your family, your community, our future.

As you know, living with coeliac disease can be difficult.

Many coeliac sufferers experience years of painful, debilitating symptoms before they are diagnosed and, because it is a hereditary disease, many must watch their children or grandchildren cope with the same symptoms. For every 70 children enjoying biscuits and cakes at birthday parties, one child will experience symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting or difficulty concentrating courtesy of coeliac disease. 

Please donate to our annual appeal, and give the gift of hope to families affected by coeliac disease in New Zealand.



To help people with coeliac disease live healthy lives, with the prospect of a cure.



Management and control of coeliac disease is aided by accreditation programmes such as the Crossed Grain Logo and Dining Out programme aimed at improving the safety of gluten free food. Internationally, medical breakthroughs are constantly improving our understanding of coeliac disease, bringing hope of new medications and a cure. Coeliac NZ continues to support valuable programmes that improve the diagnosis and management of the disease and lead us towards a cure.

Money raised through the Vision Appeal will be used to:

  • Raise doctors’ awareness and knowledge of coeliac disease, to help ensure accurate diagnosis.
  • Improve community support and care for coeliacs and advocate at district health board level for a broader adoption of the paediatric pathway; and
  • Educate and support a safe, healthy gluten free environment of all coeliacs throughout their lifetime, from early childhood into adulthood – to ensure they are not excluded from social and educational opportunities.
  • Advocate for changes to gluten free food standards and improve the availability of safe GF food. 


CNZ relies on its members and the gluten free community to work together to strengthen the voice of coeliacs and ensure the excellent work of CNZ continues. The Vision Appeal has been set up to pursue larger, more audacious goals such as supporting research towards a cure. Please make Coeliac New Zealand your charity of choice. No effort is too big or too small.

Currently, a gluten free diet is the only available treatment for coeliac disease but it is not a cure.


Many thanks for thinking of us and the families that seek guidance and support for diagnosis and living well without gluten. Your gift to the Vision Appeal whether large or small, is appreciated and will directly help NZ families with coeliac disease, which depend on us.

In Kind Support

Occasionally, Friends of CNZ asks for donations or in-kind services. If you’re in a position to help in any way we would be grateful to hear from you.

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