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Restaurants & Caterers

Coeliac NZ's gluten free accreditation 'Dining Out Programme' for restaurants, cafes and other food outlets is NOW LIVE! Check it out now.

If you're a food industry professional and would like to complete our online gluten free training programme, Gluten free food: Preparing and delivering safe choices, click here now

While it is estimated that at least 1% of the population has coeliac disease, there is an increasing number of people deciding to follow a gluten free diet for other health reasons. This has resulted in an increasing demand for gluten free products, as well as gluten free options at restaurants and cafes.

To help the food industry meet customer demand for gluten free options, Coeliac New Zealand offers resources and professional membership to assist both restaurants/cafes and manufacturers/retailers.

Eating away from home is perhaps the biggest challenge facing people with coeliac disease. Increasingly, in every aspect of life, people eat and drink on the go. For people with coeliac disease, eating out can be challenging and at times frustrating.

Among our members, the biggest issue is how to eat with confidence outside the home – where they are no longer in control. This applies to schools, the workplace, hospitals, care homes, whilst travelling and all manner of social activities. Many eating out establishments lack knowledge and understanding about offering safe food.

We can help you understand what the gluten free diet is, how to prepare gluten free meals to avoid cross-contamination, and how you can cater for people with coeliac disease.

Download our flyer 'Simple Steps with Gluten Free food', or visit our resources page for more information.