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Licence the Crossed Grain Logo

The logo gluten free consumers look for and trust

The Crossed Grain logo is the symbol nationally and internationally recognised by those who need to follow a gluten free diet. The logo gives consumers a quick reference point when shopping and faced with uncertainty on the genuine gluten free status of a product.

With consumer demand for gluten free products increasing in NZ by an estimated 26% annually, there has never been such an important time to ensure that your products stand out in the crowd.

Products displaying the logo are:

  • Tested to have 'no detectable gluten' under the FSANZ standard - can also label product as 'Gluten Free' in Australia & NZ
  • Tested to have gluten levels of less than 20 parts per million** (<20ppm) as per the international Codex standard - unable to label product as 'Gluten Free' in Australia & NZ (**Please note that this stance is currently under review by CNZ)
  • Subject to independent accredited laboratory testing every 12 months and random audit testing
Crossed Grain Symbol and Product Labelling

The Crossed Grain symbol is the certified trademark owned by Coeliac New Zealand for the certification of products produced and licensed in New Zealand, and sold in New Zealand or Australia.

Manufacturers who join the logo programme are licensed to use the logo on approved product packaging and marketing material.

Licence Fee

The use of the Crossed Grain Logo is operated via a licence agreement, renewable on an annual basis. The annual licence fee for the use of the logo varies according to the total gross annual sales turnover of the gluten free products which are to be certified. We endeavour to offer realistic licence fee prices for all sizes and types of food manufacturers.

For a full list of licensed manufacturers and products carrying the Crossed Grain Logo, please view our Shopping Guide

For more information please contact CNZ General Manager Dana Alexander at or phone 09 414 7467.