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Visitors to New Zealand

Information for Visitors to New Zealand

When traveling to New Zealand, NZ Customs will allow you to bring in packaged food items such things as pasta, bread and snacks so long as it is wrapped well. However YOU MUST DECLARE IT, as New Zealand has strict bio-security laws.

New Zealand has taken extreme measures to protect its borders so be prepared to be thoroughly checked. As you walk up to Customs you may observe sniffer dogs on duty - these dogs are part of the food checking system - and rather clever!

Under no circumstances are you permitted to bring in fruit, vegetables or meat products. If found with these items when you have not declared them, the fines can be severe.

Stocking Up

Most supermarkets carry a range of gluten free products, either in amongst the normal products, or in a separate section. If in doubt, ask a staff member at the store who should be able to point you in the right direction. Most food stocked in supermarkets in New Zealand will say if it contains gluten or wheat on the package ingredient list.

Check out our Crossed Grain gluten free shopping guide for brands and products that are certified gluten free.

Need more help?

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