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Reading Food Labels

When following a gluten free diet you will invariably spend a lot of time reading food labels. There is a lot of information on packaging such as —nutritional information, ingredient list, advice on allergens, cooking instructions and storage information.

Learning to read food labels

Rule 1
- Try to choose food labelled 'gluten free' or foods carrying the Crossed Grain logo. 

Rule 2 - If you don’t see wheat, rye, barley, oats or gluten on a food label then there are no ingredients derived from gluten-containing grains and the product is gluten free (products manufactured in NZ and Australia only)

Rule 3 – Exceptions to Rule 2,  there are some ingredients derived from wheat which are so highly processed that they contain ‘no detectable gluten’ due to processing. These include caramel from wheat, dextrose from wheat, glucose syrup from wheat* and maltodextrin.

Rule 4 - If in doubt, leave it out

* For further information regarding 2016 legislation changes regarding labelling exemptions for glucose syrup derived to wheat (and distilled alcohol from wheat or whey), please go to the FSANZ website

Available Resources

We have resources available to assist with label reading that new members recieve for free in their member's pack. The resources below are also available at a discount price via our member's store. Please log-in if you would like to purchase these discounted booklets.
If you are not a Coeliac NZ member, you can also purchase these books through the online store at RRP.    
Reading Food Labels Booklet 
Ingredients List Booklet