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Coeliac Awareness Week 2016

29 April 2016

Coeliac Awareness Week 2016 is almost here. The focus for this year is on assuring that food labelled 'gluten free' is actually gluten free and safe for people living with coeliac disease to eat. There is a lot of food out there that claims to be gluten free but we all know that 'Not all gluten free food is created equal'.

We actively promote our crossed grain logo  on manufactured food as this assures you that the food has been independently tested and meet 's NZ gluten free standards. Crossed Grain logo products can be found on our Shopping Guide. Don't forget to use this when out shopping!

Dining out away from home is something that many coeliacs dread. It's a bit like playing Russian roulette with our health. Some food outlets are awesome and demonstrate understanding about coeliac disease and gluten free best practice as well as offering many tasty GF options on their menu. However, many food outlets don't. This Coeliac Awareness Week we are very excited to be launching our Gluten Free Accreditation 'Dining Out Programme' for cafes, restaurants and other food outlets. Businesses will only become accredited after successfully completing a training programme and independent audit. We aim to open up the gluten free dining out experiences for coeliacs by providing this extra level of assurance that their gluten free food is safe to eat.

Also, don't forget that as the consumer you have the right to ask the food vendor to explain how they can guarantee the food is gluten free. If you are not happy with their explanation, then don't buy it! If the vendor can't, or won't explain this to you, you can actually report them to the Commerce Commission.

We will have a full media campaign during the week. Be sure to check our the CNZ Facebook page for offers, competitions and daily updates, your local newspaper for regional stories and our CAW Calendar for activities happening in your area. 

Check out the Coeliac Awareness Week page for further information, the calendar of events and activities happing during the week and download the 2016 CAW Poster to put up around your community. 

Remember, this is a team effort and everyone can do their bit to raise awareness all over NZ!!! 

If you are running an activity which is not listed on the calendar, want to get involved or would like us to send you a 10 pack of A4 posters please Contact Us today.