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Our Volunteers

CNZ relies heavily on a number of great volunteers - who help in different roles, that allow us to continue to provide support to our members. 

Volunteer Coordinators

A large part of the reason we are able to reach people nationwide, is through the efforts of our volunteer coordinators. Responsible for contacting members in their area, the area coordinators also organise gatherings and things to do to keep the coeliac and gluten free community engaging with not only CNZ, but with each other, which forms a large part of the support network that we provide our members.

A number of Kids Clubs are organised around the country. These are groups for younger children, and focus on activities and events like Fish and Chip nights, Picnics in the Park and cooking demonstrations. CNZ encourages the Kids Club organisers to come up with new and innovative ideas as often as they can to keep their young members excited, engaged learning about coeliac disease and how to lead a safe and healthy lifestyle.


Bronte Anscombe: I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease at the age of 12, and therefore grew up in my teenage years without gluten! Coeliac New Zealand provides a great platform to connect with people facing similar struggles, and it is hugely beneficial to be able to share knowledge and advice. I became a volunteer for Coeliac New Zealand in 2015, and I am hoping to work with the society towards developing a focus on youth. I want to be able to help those young adults who, like myself, have to face difficulties in their lives due to the strict removal of gluten from their diet.

  Louisa Roe: "I started the Kids Club after my twins were both diagnosed at age six. Now five years on from that, the Kid’s Club is going really well. Their ages range from 5 to 11 years, but it’s fantastic to see they all seem to really enjoy their time together. What motivated me to get involved was seeing the benefit they were gaining from getting together with others, so I started to imagine spreading that to numerous other families, and that’s what I want to continue doing."


Admin and Event Assistance

This is a key area where we always need help. Putting together welcome packs for our new members is a big task, and something that requires extra time and effort (based in our Auckland office). We also attend a number of shows and exhibitions, so are always in need of local assistance for these, along with other events like our Annual General Meeting and Coeliac Awareness Week (held annually in May).

Executive Committee and Medical Advisory Panel

These are critical positions to CNZ. The Executive Committee ensure every activity and decision support the CNZ members and adheres to the overall direction and vision of the organisation. The Medical Advisory Panel are a group of medical professionals that meet regularly to consult on issues and medical information to assist CNZ.

CNZ is very grateful to all of our volunteers, as they give us the ability to reach more people across a wider area. For more information, visit our Get Involved page.